Sunday Brunch | Glocal Junction Mumbai

Travel & Events  |  By Priyanka Tiwari

WHERE IS IT !? Glocal Junction is located at Worli, it's right next to Nehru Planetarium. WHAT DOES IT SERVE !? Glocal Junction is a Restaurant &...
WHERE IS IT !? Glocal Junction is located at Worli, it's right next to Nehru Planetarium. WHAT DOES IT SERVE !? Glocal Junction is a Restaurant & Bar that turns into a high energy lounge post sunset. The restaurant serves world cuisine with a twist of regional indian flavours. It also offers lunch buffet on weekdays and elaborate brunch on sundays. WHAT I LIKED THE MOST !? I visited Glocal Junction for their Sunday brunch. The spread comprises of soup, salads, mains, desserts and live counters. The live station dished out kababs, mangolian fried rice, khoy suey, chinese bhel, sushi, pasta, wood fired pizzas, dosas and waffles. There were sixty plus dishes to try out ! So here is what I loved from the Brunch :) TOMATO SHORBA - A thick chunky version of a shorba, flavoured with whole spices. MEZZE PLATTER - Classic middle eastern made well, Pita bread with hummus, baba ganoush and labneh tasted delicious. CHINESE BHEL - Munchurian, crispy corn, fried noodles and cabbage tossed with schezwan and chilli sauce....Spicy tangy zesty...loved it ! KABABS - Juicy chicken tikka with a nice hit of spices. A milder malai tikka was also there ! KHOW SUEY - Glass noodles served with a flavourful coconut milk curry broth ! Loaded with veggies. Served with a variety of accompaniments like fried garlic, onion, peanuts, chillies and lemons..... I had put a extra dose of fried garlic and chillies to make it even more delicious !!! KADAI PANEER - A onion tomato gravy with cottage cheese and bell peppers. Went really well with garlic naan. DAAL MAKHANI - A rich creamy buttery black dal, paired it with laccha paratha ! BIRYANI - Chicken biryani with a layering of aromatic basmati rice and brown onions. PIZZA - Thin crust pizza made in wood fire oven. A variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian toppings were available. Simply irresistible ! SUSHI - Cream cheese and cucumber maki rolls along with carrot and asparagus rolls tasted delicious with wasabi and dark soya sauce. DOSA - A variety of dosas were available, I chose the mysore dosa with a filling of cheese ! Tasted brilliant with the red chilli coconut chutney. PASTA - Arrabiata and white cream pasta were available with loads of veggies. I liked the spicy tomato arribiata with penne. TIRAMISU - Choices in desserts were huge though I liked chocolate mousse and red velvet cheesecake alot but a classic tiramisu was my favorite ! WAFFLE - Freshly made chocolate waffles topped with chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and walnuts !! Yummy !!! WHAT'S MY TAKE !? Glocal Junction is fantastic, it has a beautiful rustic soothing ambiance, their food is delicious and service is attentive. I highly Recommend their Sunday brunch as the variety is huge ! One gets to savour the best of world cuisine under one roof ;)) Try them out !
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